Finding Christ in Nature #7

This week, I chose a picture that we took on a hike in Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah. I like it because of the pine trees that parallel the rock hoodoos. I love Bryce Canyon because of all the interesting rock formations formed by thousands of years of erosion from water and wind. These harsh elements of nature wore down the softer sandstone and left a huge basin of these majestic pillars. It is also cool because the whole scene suddenly emerges from what seems like a typical pine forest as you approach. The views are particularly incredible at sunrise or sunset when the oranges, reds, and yellows of the stone reflect the soft hues of the distant sun.

This picture reminds me of the Savior because it shows thriving, growing trees mixed with eroding, decaying rock.   The Savior shapes our landscapes with His atonement in two ways:  by cleaning away our sins and, also, by enabling us to reach new heights of personal growth.  Like the trees, if our roots are firmly planted in the teachings of the Savior, we will be tall and ever green. Like the hoodoos, if we repent, He will wash away our soft spots and create of us a unique and magnificent sculpture that when others stand at the rim and look at us, they will see the beautiful reflections from the light of the Son.  


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  • Kristina Thompson

    Hi, I just found your blog after seeing a video you did for the church. As an SLP I was interested in how you were communicating and sharing your testimony, and as a COS resident I was excited to see familiar landscapes in the video! I love the testimony and light that you share and wish you all the best! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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