Finding Christ in Nature #6

This is a picture of a stream that cuts its way through a peaceful meadow in Rocky Mountain National Park near Grand Lake.  Actually, it is not just any random stream. It is the Colorado River, fairly near to its headwaters. Here, the water isn’t deep and is not fast  moving.  It would not sweep you off your feet or cause more of a problem to you than wet ankles. You could traverse it in a few carefully chosen steps.  And yet, the water from this river is the same water that carved the Grand Canyon with its power.  

Christ’s gospel of living water is like that too. If you have grown up in the church as I have, the teachings are gentle and familiar.  It is easy to take them for granted.   But it is the same gospel that was prophesied to fill the earth with righteousness and power and to crush any who stand in its way.

I went to the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago.  It is an amazing place.   It was awe inspiring to look across its vast chasm and consider its humble origin in the mountains of Colorado.  We hiked down and back up its southern rim and it took us most of the day—a far cry from the few steps across the stream in the picture.  I love to take a step back sometimes from the familiar day-to-day of our lives as members of Christ’s church and look at it with a “Grand Canyon” point of view.    The gospel is amazing. It is the power to change eternity, one individual at a time.  I’m thankful to be able to drink from living waters that are given freely and know that if I remain faithful, I will never thirst.  Aaron

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