Hawaii: The activities

Hi everybody. This is my last post about my trip to Hawaii. Today, I want to talk about some of the fun activities that we did.  It was a good mix of things.

The first fun thing was my favorite one, and that was just to spend most of a day at the beach. I really enjoyed swimming in the ocean, and it was fun doing it with Ben and Becky. I’ve talked about this before, but the rhythm of the ocean waves is soothing to me. I feel more comfortable in the water than I used to, so I really enjoyed just being out there.  We swam some over a few different days. The last time was with snorkel gear and that was really fun. It is like being inside an aquarium seeing all the fish. I loved that.  

Another fun ocean activity was kayaking out to a small island with the King family. When we got to the island beach, there were several monk seals just laying there. It was awesome to see them outside of a zoo. There were also a ton of nesting birds all over the place. It was fun to hike on the lava rock around the island and watch the tide try to knock us off our feet.  

We got to spend a full day at the Polynesian Cultural Center learning about the cultures of not just Hawaii but other islands in the Pacific that I didn’t know anything about before. The food and entertainment there was awesome.  

We had a fun day hiking with Renee Dieperink who took us to a Japanese temple, a cool hike to a military bunker, a secret beach, and an ancient Hawaiian temple site. She taught us a lot about the history of those places as we went which was cool to learn.

On our last day, we also went to Pearl Harbor and to the museum there. We went on a boat to the USS Arizona. It was a good reminder of the sacrifices that our service members are willing to make to protect our country.  

I loved my trip to Hawaii and would love to go back someday.

Thanks to everyone we met there that worked so hard to make our trip meaningful. 

Aloha Hawaii


  • Christine R Smith

    it looks awesome, Aaron! I’d love to go sometime. We kayaked in Mykonos and it was breathtaking. I’m so glad you got to go experience all of that!

  • Renee D

    Great post, Aaron! It was so much fun to meet you and your lovely family in person. I loved taking you on the hike and am glad you enjoyed it. If you ever come back here I have other hikes in mind.

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