I Never Get Lost in the Woods

A shovel hitting dirt, an unmistakable sound that broke the tranquility of the woods bordering her Montana home. When Sandra Lewis went to investigate, she saw them—three young men burying a body in a shallow grave. She knew she had to tell someone. She was likely the only witness, the sole link to justice for the victim. But there was just one problem. Sandra was incapable of almost all verbal language. Autism had stolen that from her.

For her entire life, she had been trapped by a brain that prevented others from knowing that, on the inside, she was intelligent and capable of making an impact on the world around her. But now, she was forced to make a choice: stay hidden and controlled by anxiety, self-doubt, and silence … or find a way to break free. Sandra knew that her decision could risk her life and endanger the only family she had left.

I Never Get Lost in the Woods is a story of the hidden courage and unquenchable desire of a young woman to overcome the barriers of her disability and assume control of her own destiny.

About the author

Aaron Jepson lives in Monument, Colorado with his family.  Besides writing, he loves to spend time in the outdoors. His favorite place is his family cabin in Grand Lake, Colorado, near Rocky Mountain National Park.  The setting in this novel of Whitefish, Montana is a similar kind of place, so it felt natural.  Aaron also loves running and has completed five marathons at the time of this publication. He has also learned how to mountain bike, cross-country ski, and downhill ski and has climbed eight 14,000-foot peaks, so far.  Aaron is diagnosed with autism and has limited verbal language.  This is his first novel.  You can follow him on his blog at www.aaronjepson.com.

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