Hawaii: the place

Aloha everyone. This is my third post about my trip to Hawaii last month. In this post, I want to talk about just what I thought about the island that we visited, Oahu

I live in the mountainous state of Colorado. I love the cool, dry air and all the fun things there are to do in the mountains, but if I had a second choice, it would be on a beach. It was kind of rainy when we were in Hawaii, so it wasn’t exactly a lot of “fun in the sun,” but I still loved the 70-degree weather and the mild humidity.

Being outside is my favorite thing, and I could definitely get used to being outside all year without ever getting super cold. I also loved the green mountains and the huge variety of trees and plants that covered them.

Of course, the ocean was my favorite part. I love the soothing sound of the waves hitting the beach and watching the birds trying to grab their dinner before another wave hit. (The birds were also pretty good at grabbing their dinner from my plate of food at any outdoor restaurant where we ate.)  I love swimming in the ocean, too. It is fun to get jostled around in the water and to poke your head under and get to see pretty fish of all varieties. If I lived there, I definitely would be at the beach as much as possible.

I loved the barbecued meat and the shave ice. That was my favorite food. 

I hope that I can go back to Hawaii someday, and I want to explore some other beach destinations as well. Just like the woods, the ocean seems to absorb my anxiety and lets my brain function better. 

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