The state of Aloha

Aloha everyone,

Today I am feeling lucky because I’m writing this from Hawaii.  I have wanted to come here for a while, and we were able to make it happen this spring.

So many cool things to write about, but today’s topic is about the Hawaiian word “aloha.”

It has multiple meanings including “hello,” “goodbye,” and “I love you.”

“I love you” as a greeting and a send-off is super cool. I wish that we mainlanders would adopt a similar culture. From what I have seen and experienced here so far, it isn’t just something to put on a tee shirt but is truly how the wonderful people here live.

Thanks for sharing aloha with me and my family. 

More blog posts to come but here is a link to the next one about the people of Hawaii that I met.

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  • Renee D

    You are so right about the various meanings of “Aloha”.
    I used to drive around with a bumper sticker that said “Live Aloha”
    I’m looking forward to reading all your Hawaii blogs.

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