Finding Christ in nature #3

Yesterday, my dad and I went on a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park and came across this bridge.  It was on a trail that we have not been on before but was very beautiful.  I think we were about the only people hiking in the whole Grand Lake side of the park, so it was really peaceful and quiet.  It had snowed over the weekend and ours were the only footprints. 

I love being in the mountains after a fresh snow.  It makes everything feel cleaner and cushions the sounds.

As we approached the bridge, I could see and hear the sound of the babbling brook that made its way down the hill. I see Christ in the bridge. He helps us cross over the streams of life that can seem innocent and beautiful but if you step in them, they can turn out to be really dangerous.  There may be the immediate danger of getting swept away by a swifter than expected current or a slower danger that may be harder to recognize at the time. If you get your feet wet and don’t immediately dry them off and warm them up, it can become a danger to your whole body in a cold environment.  We live in a cold environment. Let Christ help you avoid the dangers of the stream. 


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