Finding Christ in nature #1

Hi everyone. I am introducing a new series that I am calling “Finding Christ in Nature.” At my church, I had been given an assignment over the last year to write a post in the local church newsletter about the scripture readings that we were all studying each week in the Old Testament. Recently, my bishop asked me to change up the assignment a bit and, instead of focusing on the scripture readings, to find or take a picture of something in nature that reminds me of the Savior and write about that.  I love this assignment because it helps me to always be thinking of Christ and looking for ways to remember Him. So, I decided to put these on my blog and hope that it helps some of you as well.

            This week I want to use a picture that my dad took when we were up at Grand Lake on a hike recently. Grand Lake is one of my favorite places because when I am there, I feel calmer and less anxious. It has a spiritual quality for me.  It is especially beautiful this time of year as the leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping.  The changing colors of autumn reminds me of Christ because He has made it possible for us to change our colors, too.  As the leaves fall and winter comes, we can look ahead to the spring when everything is renewed and the leaves return, fresh and green. Every day, we can repent and every week, we can renew our baptismal covenant through the sacrament.  Change is a beautiful thing.  


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