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A new year with new purpose

Hi everyone,

As the new year approaches, I have spent some time thinking about the year that is ending and what I want for 2023.  I am a goal-oriented person because it gives my mind something to focus on.  Without a target, it is too easy for me to feel like I am stagnating and then I get depressed.   2022 was a good year but not a great one.  I accomplished my biggest goal, which was to finish my first novel, called I Never Get Lost in the Woods.   It will be published and available very soon.  The protagonist of the story, Sandra, is a young adult like me who has autism and limited verbal skills. She is pushed to her limit in the story and figures out a lot about her capacity in the process. I want to be challenged this year also (hopefully not like Sandra was challenged but I am definitely ready to get outside my comfort zone.)

            So, I have a list of goals in my head.   Thanks for indulging me as I write them down and make them public.  

  1. See a book with my name on it on someone else’s bookshelf.  
  2. Have a successful typed conversation with my older brother without an intermediary.
  3. Run two marathons or maybe even an ultra (Dad? You can do it). 
  4. Give a talk in front of strangers.  
  5. Write a blog post once a week.  
  6. Practice typing on my own for ten minutes every day.  
  7. Find a new favorite hike.  
  8. Travel to a new place out of state.  
  9. Spend more time with my older brother. 
  10. Learn one new self-reliance skill.  
  11. Save some money that I earned myself. 
  12. Spend some money that I earned myself.  

That’s a good start, I think.  I really want to push forward toward more self-reliance this year.  I rely too much on my parents.  I want to keep progressing toward more independence.  I am using too many crutches.   My novel has inspired even its author to find myself and to push harder to break out of my shell.  Aaron


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