My mom and me

Originally published December 1, 2018, on Jepsonfiles.com

Today is my mom’s birthday.  Birthdays are not her favorite day because it just means she is getting older.  But I want to use this day to give a tribute to my mom whom I love and respect more than anyone in the world.  My mom is the most unselfish person that I know.  She always sacrifices her own needs first and makes sure that everyone else in our family is happy before she thinks about herself.  The most amazing quality that my mom has is how she make me feel better when I am having a bad day.  She has a sensitive radar that is always on high alert and can read my moods better than anyone else.  When I’m feeling down, she gives me a hug and a smile and lets me know that she understands and that she loves me.  My mom has been through a ton just raising me and never gives up or stops trying.  She is my hero and my best friend.  I love her with all of my heart and know that God is preparing an incredible mansion for her in heaven that she is building brick by brick through her loving acts of kindness every day in this life.  I love you, Mom!

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