Social distancing

Originally published June 28, 2020

As I live through one of history’s major pandemics, it gives me pause to consider the implications and ramifications on our society.  I think about all the lives lost and the economic suffering, and it makes me sad that so many people are struggling so badly.  I am thankful that my own family has been spared so far, but I worry every time my dad goes to work in the hospital. The next wave of Covid in Colorado might be just around the corner.    

As someone with autism, social distancing does not feel like a crisis to me, so I guess I have a hard time understanding why people are willing to risk their lives and the lives of others (who may not have even made the same choice) to hang out with friends at places like bars and beaches.    How has being willing to wear a face mask in public turned from a public health policy that helps all of us into a political issue that pits one party against another?   How do our highest governmental leaders not set an example for the rest of the nation which then requires the public health officials to work twice as hard to reset the expectations and educate the public on the risk of the virus?   

I just don’t understand how our country, the supposed richest and freest in the world, now leads the world in virus cases and deaths by such a wide margin.  Don’t tell me it’s about testing.  It’s not.  It’s about an unwillingness to give up little freedoms temporarily for the benefit of others.   It is truly tragic to me that we have that level of selfishness.   As cases again explode all over the country, I can only pray for the healthcare workers and the essential workers who put their lives on the line so that some can express their “freedom” by not wearing masks and gathering in crowds.   If only the consequences of your choices were yours only . . .   

Let’s be smarter, less partisan, less selfish, more considerate, more kind, more willing.   


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