The newest Jepson

Originally published November 10, 2017, on Jepsonfiles.com

This week, my family got a new addition. He is a really cute puppy that we have named Jack. He is part Australian Shepherd and part poodle. It’s called an Aussiedoodle. Every dog is a doodle these days, it seems. We are just another doodle family. But, our doodle is the best! I really love it. It follows me everywhere I go and I’m excited for when it’s a little bigger and can go running with me. That is why we decided on this particular breed because they are bred for herding cows and sheep and are really athletic. And the poodle is just to be trendy, I guess. No, actually, it’s so it won’t shed as much. Anyway, we are going to try to train it as a service dog for me so I can take it everywhere with me to decrease my anxiety in public places. I love it already and I’m really not a huge fan of most dogs. But, this one is different because it’s going to become my best friend. Welcome to the family, Jack! I love you!

Aaron. Dog trainer and now a two-legged cow.

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