Covid and quarantines

Originally published March 23, 2020, on Jepsonfiles.com

Hi everyone.  I just want to check in so everyone knows that I’m still here and still writing.  I am actually working on writing a novel right now.   That is kind of consuming my mental energy, but I am having fun doing it.  The Corona virus has truly been a disruptive force for all of us.   I am very thankful that my family can be together during this crisis.    I am concerned for my dad because he works on the front line in the emergency department. He is treating sick people that have it.  I hope that Father in Heaven spares him and our family but also realize that throughout history, epidemics do not play favorites.   So, all we can do is have faith, pray, stay away from others the best that we can and let Father in Heaven decide what is best.  I do have hope in Christ for a better world to come and also that his teachings and example and gospel can help us deal with the crises that we face in this one.   I hope you all stay home, stay safe and use the time to strengthen your relationships with your family and with a Heavenly Father.  Aaron.

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