A new year’s resolution

Originally published January 6, 2018, on Jepsonfiles.com

It is 2018 and I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish this year. First is to begin my service mission. It has been slower than I expected to get started but hopefully it will happen soon. That is my biggest goal for the year. But as part of that, I want to get better at writing and speaking so that I can gain more independence. I really would love to eventually live in my own place but I know that I have a long way to go to get to that point so I need to really focus on it as much as I can. Maybe my missionary service will give me good chances to practice some of those skills. Maybe I can bless others in the meantime too. I also want to run another marathon and do it under four hours. I think I can achieve that. I hope to climb a couple more fourteeners this year too. Over three years now, my goals have sure gotten bigger. I’m glad for being able to reach new heights. Aaron.

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