Time for Christmas

Originally published December 2, 2017, on Jepsonfiles.com

Today, I have been pondering about how mankind has become so dependent on technology to function. Hardly a minute is spent away from our phones or IPads or our computers. I know that these things are useful and, in many ways, have improved our lives. In fact, without them, I would be unable to even share my voice, so I am not calling anybody out. But, how much of the time that we spend looking up needless information could we use in a better way. In my world, I find that if I look at something too much, I can’t get it out of my head. So, I need to be selective about what I look at. I want to fill my brain with things that are worth perseverating about.

This time of year is my favorite. I love the lights and the trees and the presents. I love Christmas music. I love snow on the mountains. But what I really love most is the story of the Savior’s birth. I love to imagine that I was there, in the manger, when the shepherds came, and the angels sang his praises. For unto us a child is born. Unto us. We were watching from heaven, I believe. Maybe we were part of the angelic choir. I love to think that I could sing and shout for joy before my voice was taken away by autism. These are the things that I choose to perseverate about this month. Not Donald Trump or North Korea or who is being accused of sexual assault. To me, Christ fixes all of that. I plan on focusing my energy on Him.

Love Aaron.

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