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Love and the shell and the boy doctor

Originally published April 6, 2016, on

My mom and dad understand me like no one else.  Just like my mom once said, “Normal is overrated.”  I love this saying because it means that extraordinary things come out of otherwise normal people.  I think now that my most important work and passion is to be very friendly to the people who think that they don’t have any love in their life.  Maybe all that those people need is more kindness.  Maybe all they need is more love and understanding and support.  Maybe all they need is more people to believe in them and in their potential.  Love changes everything and love gives hope, pain goes away and anger no longer wins.  I am lucky because I have love in my life.  I am very blessed because my parents show me every day that they love me.  Not everyone is so lucky and that makes me sad.  More personally, I am sad that Austin’s real parents couldn’t show him love when he was a baby.  I’m glad we adopted him because now he is loved.  Maybe they weren’t loved by their parents either.  Maybe it is just a vicious cycle but now it’s broken and I’m thankful for that.  Austin is a great soul and I’m glad he is in our family.  After all is said and done, love heals all wounds.  Am I a doctor? And maybe I am but now all I can do is write.

Aaron.  May happiness follow us.  Do you start to see me?  A little boy emerging from a shell

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