What do we sacrifice to see baby Jesus?

Originally published December 26, 2016, on Jepsonfiles.com

Much about Christmas comes from stores. Small Jesus Christ statues and Christmas carols are the only things that make some people even realize that Christmas is supposed to be about Christ. Wise men traveled years to meet the baby Jesus and gave him precious gifts. Shepherds left their flocks by night risking all to see him. What do we sacrifice on Christmas to see the baby Jesus?
We can show Christ that we love him and are willing to be with him by serving his children. Christmas is a time when it is easy to lose ourselves in gift receiving and the material part of the holidays. But there are many ways to show love that does not involve ribbons and bows. It may be a smile to a stranger or a meal to someone in need. It may be a donation of time visiting someone who is lonely, and it may be a phone call to a member of the ward who needs some cheer. Jesus was born in humble circumstances and was a child of poor parents. His greatest gift is bought without money but through service to others.

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