Revel Mt. Lemmon

Originally published November 4, 2019

Saturday (2 days ago), my dad and I did a marathon in Tucson, Arizona called Revel Mt. Lemmon. It was a downhill marathon that started up high in a canyon and then ended up in the foothills of Tucson. The race was fun, and I got a new PR of 3:50.34, thanks to my dad pushing me through the last few miles. After twenty miles of downhill, my legs were noodles, and my willpower was gone but we just kept moving when things got harder in the flats and hills. Luckily, we had built a pretty good cushion in the canyon and still came in eleven minutes faster than my previous best. So, I feel pretty good about that. The finishing line was a welcomed sight. I placed fourth in my age group out of seventeen which feels pretty great, too. I am thankful to have number four marathon behind me. Number five might be in the spring. Nevada, we’re thinking. I need to keep training my mind to keep going when my body says no. Thanks, dad, for keeping me going. You should be a running coach. I’m liking being your only pupil. Next race, we’ll prepare better. This was a busy fall and it was hard to find time to train. Maybe this winter will be more mellow. It’s good to hope, right? Aaron

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