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New friends and bright futures

Hello everyone,

Today is the Motormorphosis conference in Herndon, Virginia. For those who aren’t familiar, it is the flagship conference of the International Association for Spelling as Communication ( This is a wonderful organization that help people with limited verbal language communicate by spelling.  I was supposed to be at the conference but got sick with Covid this week so we had to stay home. But my older brother Ben and my sister-in-law Becky are there on my behalf. They showed me what it was all about over a FaceTime call. It was fun for me to see other people with autism like me who are using their talents to advocate for improved awareness of our abilities.

The feeling that I got, even over the phone, is that these are my friends. In school, I never really had a friend. I’m not trying to write a sob story; I’m just telling the truth. There were plenty of people who were very nice to me, and I even had some peer support advocates who were my age and were very kind. But that is not the same.

A friend is someone whom you can share your feelings with, and they understand you. They want to be around you just because. Autism is a stingy beast. It takes away that capacity to be able to communicate socially and that makes it hard to interact with others.  And even though it would still be tough to have a typical friend relationship as most people would define it, it makes me happy to just know that there are others out there who truly understand me. 

So, cheers to my new non-speaker friends at Motormorphosis in Virginia!  I hope to meet you all in person someday soon. Because I know that you know that just being together is enough.  


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  • Renee D

    Hi Aaron,

    What a bummer you couldn’t go! I hope you get well soon. One of my spellers and his mom are attending the conference and they sent me pictures already of your table with books and your brother and sister-in-law. I hope to attend next year and hope to meet you there too.

    I totally get it about what you wrote in this blog. Because you are all experiencing similar things you would have an instant bond with everyone. My speller’s mom says everyone at the conference is sooooooo nice 🙂

    I love the title of this blog post because it’s so full with optimism. And that’s something to cherish. Who knows what great things the future will bring.

    Warmest aloha,

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