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Born on a blue day

Originally published April 16, 2016, on

A while ago, my mom and dad read this book to me.  I don’t remember most of it but I do remember the feeling that I had while they read it.  I felt like running and shouting because a boy and a book became real to me.  I understood a lot about what he was saying about how colors helped him understand the world around him better.  My own experience has been different.  I don’t see colors but after reading the book, I realized that numbers and letters do the same thing for me.  ABC magnets became like a way for me to make a little more sense of my world.  A is the letter that I use to be calm.  B helps me be brave.  C helps me be courageous. D is very dull.  E is exciting. F is my favorite. G is great. H is helpful. I is my ingenuity. J is my jealous letter. K is for kindness. L is for loyalty.  M is for mom. N is for nature. O is obedience. P is for peace and Q is for quiet. R is for reading. S is for surety. T is for truth. U is for understanding. V is for virtue. W is for wanting. X is for exaltation. Y is for yearning. Z is for zany.  I am always thinking about letters.  It is how I can navigate my world.  I find the letter that makes sense in a situation and think about how that letter makes me feel and then I am better able to deal with my environment.  The numbers do similar things for me but they are not as descriptive so I prefer letters.  Thanks for listening to my crazy brain.  Thanks for letting me explain my obsession.  My real obsession is understanding how my own brain works and why letters mean so much to me.  I hope to figure it out someday. Until then, have a P and Q day.

Aaron. In every brain, there is a pattern.  I am thankful for what I can do with mine and hope that it will keep letting me do new things.  Bye now.  Ciao. Aloha. Hasta la vista. Bon voyage. Arrivederci. So long, people.

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